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I Love Scrap
I've had a lot of complaints about Cricket being posted on the main forum so with a heavy heart I've set up you own free forum, Now if you don't mind I've a hundred weight of iron filings to sort by tomorrow morning.


Bentleys Roofer
seems a weird thing to complain about !

shame though - my only source of how the county were doing came from clicking on the threads here.


Seems to be about two men and a dog on that forum....and one of the blokes is asleep in his deck chair....


Cresta! what def hook were we drinking
I was outvoted 2/1 so cricket had to go to it's own forum which ain't a bad thing, is it?


I had a reference about the Olympic games, but the joke was really about J Grealish and his diving. That has been moved from here aswell.