Most influential band/ artist?


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Has to be Buddy Holly. Massive influence on Beatles (the crickets) Rolling Stones (...don’t gather no moss). Probably would have been the greatest singer songwriter ever if he’d have lived.


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I remember reading when I was into the blues, that the music started from a mix of Irish and black slave songs.
Yeah, not a musician myself but apparently there’s a slight change from the beats to the bar that moved Irish music to country music. Something like that.


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A few good ones already mentioned. I'd say Elvis.

Special mentions to:

Black Sabbath
Bob Marley
John Foxx


Byrds/Gram Parsons
Blue Cheer/Led Zep
Joy Div/New Order
Public Enemy/NWA
Talking Heads/CBGB’s
and too many to mention….


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I think most will agree - the best way to broadly analyse music is by labelling any tune as BS or AS.

Before Sussudio music is shallow, naïve, searching for meaning like a man groping in the dark.

After Sussudio music has a greater depth, a clearer rhythm, we have come out into the light.

Well that's put this thread to bed.

You're all welcome.