Our Leicester back

I agree with the above comments.
My concerns are the links between the club and the supporters (£25 card, ott stewarding, no safe standing + others)
Deluded, IMHO.
They give every indication of becoming a bigger and more useless bunch of cunts with every passing week. One or two marginally less Congerton-esque transfers don't convince me one iota.
I have a good feeling that we may well get our club back this season. I like the bond that Cooper got at Florist and hope we can get the same here.
There was a big divide with Maresca last season and I hope the fans can be united again.
Siege mentality, backs against the wall, and fuck the rest of em.
Would help if the fans contributed last season. If there was a break in bond it was the fans fault. The manager and players couldn't do much more last season and fans still weren't happy.
Well there’s a surprise.
You can be as happy-clappy as you want. But it'll take a while for me to be convinced that they've learned a single fucking thing from recent cuntishness including (but not limited to) the ludicrous trophy presentation fiasco, the gambling sponsor, the plastic card tax, the refusal to move forward on safe-standing, the absence of top-level changes after appalling financial mismanagement, the walk-up ticket increases, etc etc etc