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In the spirit of the Quiet Room. What are the last 3 books read and what are Roofers reading at the moment ?
The English - Jeremy Paxton

Vietnam - Max Hastings
Troy - Stephen Fry
The Evening and the Morning - Ken Follet


File under futile
not read but listened to:

Green mantle - John Buchan
Mr Standfast -John Buchan
thats me done with the 39 steps ‘trilogy’

The last raider - Douglas Reeman because I’ve never read any of his

if any of you roofers have a library card you can download 2 apps -Borrow Box & RBdigital which give access to 1000’s of talking books and eaudiobooks - all for free. RBD one also has a load of current mags including 442 and viz if anyone still reads it

definitely worth checking out


Formerly known as Zorro
In The Cold Dark Ground - Stuart MacBride
All The Rage - Cara Hunter
Say You're Sorry - Michael Robotham