Scoop football magazine


Golden balls
Looking at Greenfox's Scorcher thread reminds me of a childhood favourite of mine.
Anyone remember the Scoop football magazine ?
It ran between 1978- 1981.
I think it was out every Thursday and I wasted no time in gathering my pocket money and dashing over to the newsagent to get my retained copy.
I can't remember all the stories but ' this goalies got guts' which featured ' leiper the keeper' . There was ' Stark' who was a mercenary who charged football clubs for his services. Then there was other stories like ' buster ' some delinquent kid who was nothing more than a useful park playing tennis player. The story takes you on a journey of his rise from a nobody ito winning Wimbledon.
Oh the nostalgia, did anyone else indulge in this super bit of teen/childhood entertainment ?