Tonights Music.


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Down to the 'Nellie', for a band that didn't turn up! The replacement were really not that good so we walked to the other end of the Quay and went into the King Charles.

It advertises itself as 'the oldest pub in Poole', old but pretty unremarkable in most respects however it does have something special. At one end of the bar there are about 10-ish steps up to the 'banqueting' hall, a medieval hall, about 50 by 40 ft, with a fabulous 30+ ft beamed roof, before covid they had regular bands on in there, and some genuinely fun nights.

They are taking their time to get back into this but tonight that had on a really energetic band covering everything from Motorhead to Johny Cash. Very engaging and great fun, plenty of stuff to singalong and dance to, Mrs AFC even had me up on the dance floor by the end of their set, a real achievement in the current circumstances.