Trigger warning


In some respects I do not think he is a million miles from the truth. A decent diet and lifestyle will protect you from most things, though these things are not 'cures', a simpler, purer life can be beneficial in many ways.

I suffered from a very nasty virus some 3-4 years ago, it gave me throat cancer, which was strangely enough good news as it was curable, unlike the non viral version that killed my mother. Despite that I had no hesitation in returning to India in late 2019 when we spent some time visiting the cities of the Vijayanaga empire and a civilisation that is at least 3000 years old.

Whilst being a knuckle dragging Nazi, I adore India, having spent quite a lot of time there since my first visits in the 1980s. I have tales that I could tell that would leave me in tears, experiences shared by the current Mrs AFC. From seeing the trucks removing the bodies of those who did not make it through the night from the streets of old Delhi, to being 'mugged' by monkeys for my water bottle, the place is quite amazing.

Importantly, there remains a wisdom, a sense of peace and 'oneness' that never ceases to amaze me, waking up one morning to some very strange sounds outside our bungalow, we found the staff of the hotel feeding peacocks on our veranda, then rushing off to fetch us tea as they had woken us up.

After rural England, my favourite place on earth.