Blue Roofer
I beg to differ. Birmingham isn’t Warwickshire either. The fact they play there is irrelevant

Well I just learned something, I thought Coventry was in Warwickshire.

I knew Birmingham wasn’t which begs the question why they are called Warwickshire especially as they never play at an out ground.


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I only learnt the fact from a couple of the Nuneaton/Rugby guys yesterday. Same as Old Trafford isn’t in Lancs nor Lords or the Oval in their counties! I too knew about Birmingham but not Cov


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Warwickshire is very nice historic county without Coventry and Birmingham which people wrongly think are in the county.
Always been big Leicester following in North Warks and Nuneaton.
Seems more Cov fans in Hinckley to me probably because of the overspill.


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East Warwickshire is Royal Blue!

There used to be a few mongs too, unfortunately!

Co* definitely not in Warwickshire though.