Your funeral tune choices


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I'm coming in on my way to the fiery furnace with the proper 'Band Of The Real Marines' version of the 'Post Horn Gallop'.

As a very lapsed Catholic I'm aiming for a crafty death bed confession on my 100th birthday and everyone will be singing along to Norman.

Might have Lonnie Donegan 'Have A Drink On Me' as the final ditty.

As Woody Allen has said "I've got no fear of dying. I just don't want to be there when it happens."

"When You're Smiling..." :cool:

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Is everyone else immortal then or just frit of contemplating the inevitable meeting with The Choir Invisible?


Was frit, but then i have now come to terms with the inevitable ,at least imho ,I have had a great life,not many regrets,quite a few to mention?,bit concerned my Viking boat -ablaze and blasting out Huey Morgan/Craig Charles etc will enter EU fishing waters,jan 2021,and get in trouble...:


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thanks for taking the trouble to reply mali me old fruit and nut case,it has be said any boat blasting out Huey Lewis/Craig Charles deserves to get into trouble... :cool:


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Ice - Camel
Blue - Joni Mitchell
One Step Beyond = Madness (Only to give friends a laugh remembering me trying to dance to it after a few Soberano's)


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I'm coming in to Magazine - Thin Air, middle of the service Gruppo Sportivo - Superman and leaving to Monochrome Set - Espresso.

"I'm going to heaven baby"



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I've said it before so I'll say it again. They can play what the fuck they like or specifically, if anybody misses me, whatever helps them even if it is something I would hate. I will not be there in any meaningful sense.


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"If you're tied and weary," had the deal 20 years ago with a mate whoever dies first makes sure the other gets it played.

I like the idea of "Oops upside your head". for a laugh.

Nesa Dorma and One moment in time are considered.