Back In Prison

What I don’t understand is how a bunch of football fans on a message board - most without any legal training - can have been so right about this but professionals in the MoJ, parole board, and psychologists etc. responsible for assessing Pitchfork, could be so wrong.

Double child killer Colin Pitchfork sent back to prison
Not just footy fans here - i'd say probably 95% of the population were sickened by his release- weren't you?
Because the law is meant to reflect and represent public opinion.
But... I opposed capital punishment for years prior to its demise and public opinion was in favour of it.
And probably still is, truth be told...:oops:
Oadlad, sometimes a person like this doesn’t deserve to be alive let alone at large. Can you imagine if he killed again? The public should not have been put in danger by the silly people on the parole board
Which is why I spoke against releasing him in any way.
In fact the large number of restrictions suggest they had reservations too...
On the execution subject, when they invent a way to rectify mistakes I might agree to it...
I see that one of the murdered girls mums has said she’s relieved he’s back behind bars. They have a life sentence of total grief that anyone but especially a parent cannot imagine. Same as Huntley with Soham and of course Brady etc.
Whatever Pitchfork has done in the last few weeks hopefully will now be enough to keep him behind bars for ever.
Approaching young women in the street near his bail hostel on the south coast. Also one of the 40 conditions of his release was to take polygraphs (lie detector tests) and he was trying to use breathing techniques to distort them!
… Joseph Wambaugh who wrote about the murders and Pitchfork in his book The Blooding. He is 84 now but is reiterating that the same ways Pitchfork tried to evade and fool the law back then will be exactly the same tactics he will employ on his release!
Colin Pitchfork being considered again by the parole board for release, this has got to be a joke, the bloke deserves to die behind bars or at least chemically castrate him.
Can't help thinking that the shortage of prison places due to chronic underinvestment may have influenced the parole board memebers at least sub consciously.. still, a farthing less tax each to find...