Well bbb. You don't seem to post so often these days so have probably not seen the superior intellect of RD in action. He knows I'm referring to Iran hating Israel and funding Hamas, nothing to do with walls and land. He's just posting his usual childish snark. Either that or he's not as bright as he thinks.
I didn't say i agree with him, I just said it warrants a reply.
By the way, after being reinstated earlier this week and Mainz issuing a statement that El Ghazi had distanced himself from his initial post and regretted the negative impact on the club it had, El Ghazi retracted on that, issued a new lengthy post on instagram that he had nothing to apologise for, had not authorised the club statement and then called in sick immediately.

Mainz practically had no other option but to sack him. Which they did today.

Mainz still have strong links to their partially Jewish past:
Yes I saw that yesterday. They gave him a chance and he blew it. I’m sure he’ll find another club eventually. Gaza Town FC maybe.
They gave him a chance and he blew it.
That's the key part!

It's very easy to understand the phrase in question ("From the river to the sea...") as fundamentally questioning Israel's right to exist, despite the - at first glance - harmless wording. In fact, the phrase does have its own (contested) wikipedia entry.

Hamza seems to have understood the contentious, offensive and potentially criminal nature of the phrase and acted accordingly, El Ghazi decided not to.
The original inhabitants from the river to the sea, where not Jewish and certainly not the much later Muslims...
There were people in Palestine that pre-date the Canaanites and Israelis and built their own cities.
So what does the phrase really mean?