Potato Time Again


Just off to the garden centre to buy the seed potatoes for this year.
Start to chit them in a couple of weeks time.

Blue City

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Never heard of them Blue City. Normally grow Desiree.
Just googled and Sarpo Mira are red like Desiree.
How good are Sarpo Mira - compared to Desiree?
Desiree are superior in taste other than being blight resistant I didn’t find Sarpo Mira that tasty decent yield though


Have got two of the grandkids tomorrow. Taking them up Allotment and plant this year's selection. Cara.
Not done them before so should be enjoyable.
Greenhouse seeds will no doubt get watered to death.
So what.


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Left it a bit late this year and my local garden centre had been decimated - best I could do was Valor as a main crop. I'll be sticking them in next week. Apparently chitting doesn't make much difference with main crops, although I have always done this in the past - we'll see :unsure: